Free Coloring Pages for Kids

Why children and adults love coloring pages?

Coloring pages or books are the most appropriate way to make your child happy and calm. You can do various household chores and other jobs when your 'little angel' is busy coloring the pictures they have. A trick that is quite perfect! So, you will have happy children and happy parents.

However, besides the small benefits above. Coloring a book or page has many benefits for your child: practicing children's motor skills, helping children recognize a variety of colors, training patience for children. You can start providing coloring pages for children who are at least 2 years old.

Of course we have all kinds of coloring books on various topics, ranging from flower coloring pages, animal coloring pages such as horse coloring pages, deer coloring pages, lion coloring pages, giraffe coloring pages, elephant coloring pages, dog and cat coloring pages, and pages coloring for other animals.

This coloring page is for all ages. We also provide coloring pages in the form of pdf files for free so you can print. We also always add new coloring pages every day. I personally like the coloring category of animals and flowers. When I was little, I really liked to color animals and flowers. And when I grow up and have a website with coloring pages, I will provide a variety of coloring pages to the maximum.

When children learn to color, they must know the boundaries or coloring lines. You have to explain to them so they don't get off track or lines. You can also give them advice on choosing good and suitable colors. If your child is 7 years old, you can give him knowledge about color characters such as colors that are warm and cold and how to use them together.

As I said before, coloring pictures can help train children's patience. It is very important for every child to have. Children tend to be very difficult to focus and quickly move from one part to another coloring section.

By learning to color, it will make them more focused. So that will be useful when in school. Also, coloring will train the child's brain to divide the numbers into parts, and understand how to complete work in sequence (algorithm). In addition to training the patience of children, you can also train the strength of the hands of children under 5 years old. You need to explain to them how to hold the correct pencil so that they are accustomed to doing it when they have entered school.

The most interesting thing is, learning to color is a very fun way of learning for children. Children just color something without needing to think about anything else. You just load paper into the printer and click "print" all the coloring pages from this site for free. So, now you already know various things from the benefits of coloring for children. Your child is ready to color and has colored pencils or crayons. Of course, you already have 1-2 hours to accompany your child to color. Devote your time with your beloved children fully.

We recommend that you share our coloring pictures with your friends so they can also do it with their children. Just click the "Share" button on the social networks that you have. Have fun!